Worx Design Co. | Mention the Wide Open MX Show for a discount!

Formerly known as C1Way Designs, Worx Design Co. is a huge part of the show! Any logos, designs, website work, etc. is done by Worx Design Co. They offer fully custom motocross kits, logos, stickers, and anything else graphic design related!

Visit @WorxDesign.Co on Instagram or their Facebook page to get dialed in!

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Pinnacle Nutrition Group | Discount code coming soon!

Pinnacle Nutrition Group (“PNG”) is an ambitious group of individuals who share a passion for active living, sports and a healthy lifestyle. Through our personal shortcomings and achievements, our team longed for nutritional products that supported our passion, yet provided a trusted nutrition to reach our pinnacle performance. Understanding nutrition and supplements can be overwhelming, complicated and daunting, and we want to make it convenient, beneficial and simple for you.

Our founding team of Dads, Moms, Professional athletes and enthusiasts face the same hurdles that you do. We did the research, tested and partnered with progressive chemists in formulating the most natural, consumable and balanced formulas in the market. Providing an easy to digest, rich in nutrition and sustainability driven complete line of products just for you. We treat you like an elite athlete, by providing you with the quality you deserve.

Blud Racing Lubricants | Use code ‘WIDEOPEN’ at checkout for 25% off your order!

Click the image to check out the products they have to offer! They continually support the show by doing giveaways etc., so, please check them out and show them some love!

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant right here in the USA, our synthetic oils use the best quality ingredients to produce the best quality products.

Still unsure why Blud? Here are our top reasons for choosing us to protect your machine:

  1. Superior Ability To Handle Heat/Humidity Versus Competitors (Oxidation Stability)

    Racing oil’s number one enemy is oxidation due to heat and stress which leads to degradation of the oil and can cause numerous issues for machines. We reduce the oxidation rate in our oils by up to 4x compared to leading synthetic competitors and up to 20x longer compared to conventional oils thanks to our proprietary Bludline™ Additive System (PDSC test: ASTM D6186-08).

  2. High-Quality Base Oils And Additives

    Blud Lubricants synthetic racing oils are developed from a proprietary blend of top-grade base oils and additives to ensure maximum performance and protection.

  3. Bludline™ Additive System

    Blud Lubricants synthetic oils include a combination of ingredients called the Bludline™ Additive System which has been developed over years of testing that helps our oils keep their protective qualities under the severest of operating conditions.

  4. Expertise

    Blud Lubricants oils are specifically formulated for racing by our team of experienced lubrication chemists and professionals with over 100 years of combined experience. Blud Lubricants parent company, Americans Synthol, Inc., has been manufacturing severe duty synthetic oils for the industrial markets since 1983.