Wide Open MX Show: Episode 23

In Episode 23, the crew discusses everything from the past weekend at the 50th running of Daytona Supercross! From Tomac’s gnarly ride to Jacob’s Squirrely Squid Award, you’ll hear it all on Episode 23!

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Wide Open MX Show: Episode 20

This week on the Wide Open MX Show, Corbin and Damon cover everything that unraveled at Round 7 of Monster Energy Supercross! Also, enjoy the debut of the new segment, ‘Dolla’s Digest’, where Damon will choose a hot topic every week he may or may not be happy about, and we’ll get into whatever that topic may be! Enjoy!

Wide Open MX Show: Episode 19

In this week’s show, Corbin, Damon, and Jacob discuss everything from the weekend of racing in Oakland. From debating whether or not Ferrandis is in command of the championship, to talking about Eli Tomac’s dominant ride, it’s all covered in Episode 19!

*Extremely sorry for the delay on Episode 18. We had some issues on our end and we’ll do our best to not miss a week again!

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Wide Open MX Show: Episode 18

First and foremost, this week’s show and our whole show’s future is dedicated to our boy, Billy Holzapfel. Billy unexpectedly and tragically passed away over the weekend, he lit up any room he walked in and always had a smile on his face. This whole shindig is for you brother, we miss you, we love you #454forever. With that said, in this weeks episode, the boys, minus Jacob, discuss the past weekend at Glendale. Touching on the good, the bad, and everything in between from the 250 and premier 450 classes. Enjoy!

Wide Open MX Show: Episode 16

In Episode 16, the crew talks about everything from St. Louis while providing thoughts and insight on exactly what happened during the race. Also, you’ll hear some opinions on what’s to come in the future rounds of Monster Energy Supercross!

Wide Open MX Show: Episode 15

In this weeks episode, the boys are back to talk about the opening round of the 2020 Supercross season at Anaheim. They discuss each the 250 and 450 classes, pointing out who stood out the most, least, their thoughts on rookies, veterans, and everything in between!