Wide Open MX Show is made of 3 full-time co-hosts as well as a part time co-host/editor. Our full-time hosts include Corbin Lenaway, Damon Tatar, and Jacob Wever. Our part-time co-host and editor is Zack Tatar. We have all rode and/or raced motocross for most of our lives. To find out more about each of us, read below!



Corbin Lenaway Instagram | Twitter

Hometown: East Peoria, IL

Background in Motocross: I started riding at 3 years old. At the age of 5, I began racing flat track and quickly transitioned to motocross at the age of 7. Since then, I’ve mostly been riding for fun on the weekends with a few races here and there. I mainly grew up riding hare-scramble style terrain, providing me with a well rounded balance on a dirt bike.

Occupation/Education: I am currently a member of the IBEW Local 34 as an electrical apprentice with 2 years left of my apprenticeship. I specialize in solar technology with a background in both industrial and commercial applications.










Damon Tatar Instagram

Hometown: New Lennox, IL

Background in Motocross: I started riding at 4 years old. In 2006, and began racing in 2011. Supermini Champion, 2014 Vintage Champion, 2017 Racer X B Champion, 2018 CDR Elite Champion. Currently racing A Class.

I graduated from Bradley University December 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I am currently a Staff Accountant at NPL Construction Company.



Jacob Wever Instagram

Hometown: From Tonica, Illinois and currently live in Medford, Oregon

Background in Motocross: I started riding when I was 4. I took a few breaks (parent induced) throughout my riding/racing career. I qualified for Loretta’s in 2013 for 250B classes.
2014- Went A class to collect pro-am points
2015- Raced the Pro Motocross Nationals
2016- Raced a few nationals, but still wasn’t recovered from 3 knee surgeries.

Occupation/Education: I attended flight school in Tulsa, OK, and finished in December 2017. I then became a flight instructor at Spartan College until December 2018. In January, 2019, I started working for Horizon Airlines.



Zack Tatar | Instagram

Hometown: New Lennox, IL

Background in Motocross: I started riding at 3 years old, my first race being in 2006 when I was 6 years old. I was home-schooled in 2013 throughout high school for racing. I lived in Georgia Alabama, Florida, and Oklahoma throughout the four years of high school to train. In 2015, I went to Loretta’s for Supermini 2. In 2018, I turned A class, and started pro-ams.

Occupation/Education: I currently work at graphics company, designing/printing stickers and posters. I enrolled at Joliet Junior College in 2017 for computer science and will most likely transfer to Arizona State University for Industrial Design in 2020.